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Big Box Selection. Small Boutique Service.

Welcome to Dog Supplies Outlet Store, where your dog’s well-being is our top priority. With 7 locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley, we offer an extensive selection of over 8,000 carefully curated items to enhance your canine companion’s life. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect products tailored to your dog’s specific needs. At Dog Supplies Outlet Store, we guarantee we have what you need, all the time. Plus, our competitive pricing ensures the best value for top-quality products. Experience the difference at Dog Supplies Outlet Store, where excellence in dog care meets unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? The problems with “big box” pet stores are typically the staff (or lack thereof) and the prices. The problem with small boutique stores are the high prices and small selection. That’s where we come in. The Dog Supplies Outlet Store has the largest selection of dog supplies in Vegas PLUS superior customer service PLUS the lowest prices you will find anywhere!Our mission is to leave people and pets better than we found them.

7 Locations • Open 7 Days a Week • 8AM - 8PM

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Loyalty Program that actually adds up!

We’ve all joined those rewards programs only to find after spending hundreds of dollars you earn a “rebate” of $1.28. What’s the point of that? Our loyalty program is different. WAY Different!

Every dollar you spend earns you a point. You can then redeem your points anytime you want based on the tiers on the chart shown here. Short on cash this week, use your $4 store credit tomorrow. Want to save your points for a bigger savings? Save up 500 points and get $60 off your purchase! Points don’t expire. No annoying cards to carry around.

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"Every natural pet product you could ever want!"

"They have every natural pet product you could ever want! And a great rewards program. But wait.. there's more! Two complimentary self-grooming stations with shampoos, conditioners, and extremely-handy dryers. Their tubs can even fit the big boys! My dog is 110 pounds and is comfortable in them. The customer service is always impeccable. Everyone is so kind and very obviously love animals! This place is a gem."


Meaghan Richardson


What Our Pet Parents
Have To Say


Bear Gibbs

"The staff was amazing, so helpful, friendly, and kind! I can’t say enough good things about this store, so happy I now know it!"

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Franci Davidson

"They have brands we can't buy on Chewy or Amazon! Friendly and efficient staff too! The store is chock-full of goodies for your pet!!"


Laura Kuan

"Great service. Has the dietary needs for our dogs with allergies. Full wash stations. Just all around wonderful family owned business.”


Nancy Shaw

"The store has so many items to choose from and so many different brands then other pet supply stores. "

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We have over 5,200 unique customer dog photos in our stores and more being added every day. Come in and try to find your dog anytime you want.

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