Loyalty Program

Loyalty program that actually adds up!

Join our Loyalty Program & actually get rewarded

Points don’t expire!

We’ve all joined those rewards programs only to find after spending hundreds of dollars you earn a “rebate” of $1.28. What’s the point of that? Our loyalty program is different. WAY Different!

Every dollar you spend earns you a point. You can then redeem your points anytime you want based on the tiers on the chart shown here. Short on cash this week, use your $4 store credit tomorrow. Want to save your points for a bigger savings? Save up 500 points and get $60 off your purchase! Points don’t expire. No annoying cards to carry around.

Dog Supplies Reward Program

Dog Food Frequent Buyer Program

On top of our points program, you also get to participate in free dog food programs, allowing you to “double dip” on the savings. Each brand of dog food has a different program. Most are setup as a buy 12 bags over time, get 1 bag free. Some brands such as Taste of the Wild are buy 10 bags get 1 free. Ask a sales associate about the program for the specific brand of food you use. We also have it posted in store for each brand as well.
Dog Food Loyalty Program Las vegas

"I'll never shop at the big box stores again!"


Here are the answers to some common questions…
No, your points do not expire.
If you are not already a member, you can simply tell the cashier at checkout that you would like to join. They should ask you if you are already a member every time you checkout. You can get signed up in about 30 seconds by giving the cashier your phone number (how we will look you up in the system later), your name and email if you want extra coupons. There are no printed cards to carry around since it is an electronic system tied to your name and phone number.
You can stop in any time or call us and we can look up your account for you no problem. Just ask the cashier how many points you have and they can look up your phone number very easily.
YES! Some stores will only offer a dog food loyalty program where you buy 12 bags and get 1 free, etc. Our system is better because you get credit on EVERYTHING you buy. So if you get food, treats, toys, collars, beds bowls or anything else we carry, you get credit for it all. This allows you to earn credit much faster than a dog food frequent buyer program.